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             Collective i.e. 'band'
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             here first.

Fruit Power
             Live performance on New Forms
             Festival, Theater aan 't Spui
             The Hague, june 7 and 8 2002
             includes film made by the VPRO
             3 voor 12 site

Ground Control
             Description and recordings

Ground Control
             Photos: Live on the Stubnitz

             a speech without words

The Sonic Wargame
             The rugged game machine by XAF,
             running on tens of 135 volt relais
             in a circuitry drawn by me.

             Live performance in The Hague
             Zuidwal. Live recording will
             soon be released on cd/lp

Dutch Breakz
             2 cd's out!

Tandy200 vs iBook800
             a duet for 2 laptops

             scans van mijn verleden

             an old song

MP3 downloads
             songs, drum'n'bass tracks
             and electronic music
             available for you.
             Check out my latest experiments
             with guitar and Max/MSP.