Dope synth

Based on (modified) doepfer synthesizer modules. The frame comes from a Revox A77 tapemachine.
An alternative Dave Krooshof - Leon Spek - interface will be added. Montage & design: Dave Krooshof 2004
Update 31 dec 2004: I made the input interface, but I have not added it to the dopesynth yet.
I took the instrument to Ernst, who made this recording of a testdrive.
The instrument is amazingly light weight. I will add an internal speaker, which should be loud but light as well.

While recording this machine...

Front view

Rear view, front light.

Side/top view, top light.

Rear view, top light.


+12/-12 powersupply
trigger oscillator
quantizer (1/12 volt steps or subsets)
Voltage controlled oscillator
Voltage controlled oscillator (modified)
Voltage controlled Notch/LP/BP/HP filter, with voltage controlled resonance (modified)
Min/max chooser (modified)
Tripple LFO / VCA / resonance filter (modified)
12*6 radiobutton selector a/b switches
4*12 sided rotary switches

To be added:
Voltagecontrolled to currentcontrolled converting output stage
Krooshof - Spek 10 fold controller voltage generating input interface.