For people who
believe in computer Magic
Dave Krooshof
Whenever I have an interesting problem with one of my Macs and start asking around, I run into people that say "well, I'd ask Dave" which is slightly less of a bogus remark then "Well, why don't you start praying and ask God. See what he thinks about that hard drive of yours." as I, in the end, do figure out what the solution is.
When other people ask me questions about their computer issues, I often find they seem to think it has something to do with themselves, with their personality, or their attitude towards their computer. Somewhere deep inside they feel their hard drive has crashed on them for swearing at it so much. Especially windows users have these feelings. That has to do with two things:
a) Windows executes random code at random moments and as there are no sane arguments to explain the behaviour, people start to use the set of explanations they learned as a kid to deal with other unexplainable fenomena like "Life";
b) Windows nags at it's user by popping up windows with random remarks about their behaviour with only one button saying "OK" which is supposed to be the user's answer to their computer; and
c) they call those nag-windows "dialogues" in the manual.
So I stopped helping windows users. Seriously. I quit two years ago. It was hard. But I made it.

That said, I still have to do something about the Mac users that seem to believe their computer can read their minds. It started out as a pegan religion, with the feeling the computer has a mood and or a personality and the mystical druid-like capabilities like mind reading. Then there is the logo, the apple of knowledge with the bite missing. Yes, a part is missing and you are free to believe we were kicked out of a paradise for that, but that does not mean you may believe your computer has a will that transcend yours, nor that your computer is capable of having a religion. Your Apple didn't take that bite off of itself.

"But what if I die and find out my computer has a religion after all?" "What if it gets converted by an online sect and would stop working on sabbaths or sundays, crash my browser on sites with suspicious content, get scared after twelve, crash my harddrive whenever I swear?" "What if my apple does eat the rest of it's logo?"
To help these people to prevent that, I wrote "atheism".


Atheism is a system extension for MacOS 7.61, 8 and 9, up to 9.2.2
Current version: 1.0
System requirements: A Mac Power PC, OS 7.6.1 or higher.
Known issues: I believe none.

To install:
extract the sit file, and drop the extension on the closed system folder.

Atheism is a shared library by Dave Krooshof. It helps your mac to keep a cool attitude towards facts and math and prevents it from being tricked into religious believes.

Other versions:
OSX is an atheist hackers OS by nature, so X doesn't need the atheism extension.
The windows version cannot be released due to a conflict over copyright infringements with the scientology church.

product and this read me are (c) Dave Krooshof


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