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I always saw myself as someone who preferred listening over watching. I prefer that to the point that I have my computer read out websites to me. But working in theater, I was tought to see lighting by Tosja Zuyderhoff. He semi-jokingly me look at what one spot and some smoke can do. He meant the sun and fog. I started photographing well lit cityscapes. One day, my iPhone 3GS was full. It turned out, I had made over 10,000 photos with it, many of those with an HDR app, not because I like that effect, but because, so I found out the dynamic range was so small. So I decided I needed a proper camera. I browsed Flickr to find out what I'd like and noticed that a fair share of photo's were made with a certain lens, so I bought that, and the camera behind it. Later I found out why: I like very smooth unsharp area's, and lot's of that. I found out my camera could hold legacy glass. I got the old lenses from my father in law, and also got myself a mamiya m42 f/1.4 55mm lens and a focal reducer. This became my goto lens.

I wanted to go one step further, and learned I needed a bigger sensor. I skipped 35mm and went for a Mamiya that shoots 6x4.5 cm negatives, currently with a 80mm f1.9 lens. The depth of field of that can be rediculously small, and the bokeh is rarely that smooth. The camera is analog, because digital ones are so much more expensive, that I can buy a lot of film for the price difference. Also, analog slows me down. I see digital as a rehearsal tool, while with analog, you'd have to nail the picture in one go. Even advancing to the next frame spoils the moment. Also I enjoy the chemistry, and the DIY aspects of it. I do not like the colors of color negative film, so I switched to slide film for that.

And thus became a journey to become really god at this, to get out of the picture what I wanted to see. My inlaws have been very supportive in all of this, and gave me old and new lenses to work with, plus valuable critiques that I learned a lot from. I recently came in contact with Stephen DiRado via facebook. To me, he's for my photography what Joel Ryan is for my music. They have deepened my perspective, made me more conscious of what I do intuitively and and helped me finding my hand, from hobbyist to artist. I have gone from what I want to see to what I want to be seen. For portraits, I do not go for the beauty of them, but I try to grab what the persons mean to me, to other people, to themselves.

I did not program a "next" button for the photos, but then I noticed I like that you have to press the name of the person to see them.

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IMG_5599 camera badkamerselfie.jpg

This is not a display, this is the optical viewfinder on top, seeing me in the mirror